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Il ├ętait une fois un Artiste - (complete short film)

2011  -  6:34 min

February 2015

Gekleurde herinnering, CODA museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands

November 2013

Cologne OFF at ALTER-NATIVE 21,

Tirgu-Mures, Romania

November 2013

Golden Orchid, Pennsylvania State

University, USA

August 2013

FICCHT, Toluca, Mexico

July 2013

Linoleum, Moscow, Russia

July 2013

Cologne OFF at Ares, Syracusa,


July 2013

Cologne OFF at Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece

May 2013

Cologne OFF at CCA, Tblisi, Georgia

April 2013

Cologne OFF at Be There, Corfu, Greece

March 2013

Cologne OFF at IMF, Nicosia, Cyprus


Ascona Film Festival, Ascona,


February 2013

Cologne OFF at Aferro Gallery, Newark, USA

February 2013

Cologne OFF at CEC Bhimtal, India

February 2013

FECICAM, Ciudad Real, Spain

December 2012

Videomedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia

December 2012

TISFF, Thessaloniki, Greece

December 2012

Cologne OFF at Digital Marrakech, Morroco

Awarded Best

Internatnl. Short Film

December 2012

Almeria en corto, Almeria, Spain

October 2012

Cologne OFF at Banjaluka 2012, Bosnia Hercegovina

October 2012

Cologne OFF at Fine Art Film, Szolnok, Hungary

September 2012

Luksuz Film Festival, Krsko, Slovenia

July 2012

Avanca Film Festival, Avanca, Portugal

Awarded Ballon Prize

June 2012

Crosstalk, Budapest, Hungary

June 2012

ISFF, Detmold, Germany

April 2012

Mediawave, Komarom, Hungary

April 2012

Lanterna, Mexico City

In a flooded city two existentialist artists climb out of the water. Will they adapt to the situation?



Arjan Brentjes

Ivo Maassen


Director, script, animation, music, editing

Arjan Brentjes


Camera, light, sound

Andras Fictoor