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So It Goes - (complete short film)

2019  -  1:00

SEFF, Szczecin Film Festival, Szczecin, Poland

October 2019

Filmfest Bremen, Bremen, Germany


September 2019

Galway Film Fleadh - One Minute Film Section, Galway, Ireland

July 2019

Braunschweig International Film Festival, Braunschweig, Germany

November 2019

International Film Festival Rotterdam, RTM 2020, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Januari 2020

Just A Minute, Toronto!, Toronto, Canada

November 2019

Oruro Film Festival, Oruro, Bolivia


December 2019

Independent Days International Filmfest, Karlsruhe, Germany

April 2020

So It Goes

2019 - 1:00 min



In 1940 Truus lives in Rotterdam with her mother Aartje. In 2019, her grandson Arjan wonders what the first sunny days of May 1940 look like for them. He makes a reconstruction and concludes that there’s little he can add to it.


Director’s statement:

This film is a bit outside of my usual creations. It is made with some material that I had lying around for a while, a small piece of family history.

A few years ago I saw photos of a pre-war part of Rotterdam that reminded me of Amsterdam. I then started making a digital reconstruction of what that must have looked like for my grandmother and great-grandmother. Initially I considered making a video installation with this, but the ideas so far were too big to implement.

In the course of 2019 I remembered the recurring sentence, "So it goes" from Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, a book about the bombing of Dresden. I thought that this phrase could be the starting point for a very short film. I can make a more or less realistic reconstruction and look at it in wonder, but I can't add much else about the course of things, the meaning of it, or how the world came across to grandma Truus and her mother Aartje. And I can't ask them anymore. So it goes.


Director, script, animation, music, editing

Arjan Brentjes


Narrated by

Bart van der Schaaf


Also available as Dutch spoken  Zo gaat dat


Arouca Film Festival, Arouca, Portugal



Wallachia International Film Festival, Wallachia, Romania

October 2020

ISFF Short Form, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia


Papaya Rocks Film Festival, London, UK

February 2021

Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, Myrtle Beach, USA

April 2021

October 2013

November 2013

Juni 2014

A trailer for the short film

Next Man (2016)

October 2016

Sapporo Short Fest, Sapporo, Japan

August 2016

Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany

May 2016

Shortcutz, Amsterdam, Netherlands

April 2016

Radio City film festival, Valencia, Spain

April 2016

8 Cortos Rodinia, Valladolid,


Next Man

2016 - 8:55 min


And what if the next phase in our evolution turns out to be a lazy bum?


In the early 1970s, the pollution has become so serious that a group of scientists decides to lock themselves in a research bunker. They are working on the creation of our evolutionary successors, which must help us make the earth habitable again. The first two specimens seem to need some tweaking in the work ethics department...



Adam Buchanan

Bart van der Schaaf

Joss Wyre

Claire King


Director, script, camera, art direction, editing

Arjan Brentjes



Bart van der Schaaf


Costumes, styling

Caroline Schuller tot Peursum



Arjan Brentjes and Ivo Maassen


Set assistent

Inge Schuller tot Peursum


Sound recording / studio management

Paul van Stempvoort


Prop construction assistent

Helma Kor


Rehearsal location and catering

Chef Ernst


Additional studio crew

Barto Nijenhuis, Martijn Veldhoen, Sjors Logister


Technical support


A special thanks to our most generous funders:


Bio-Fiction festival, Vienna

Morning Coffee Records

Heinz Jäggi

De Trap


Cees en Bonnie Andriessen

Frank Bemelman

Marry Brentjes

Andor Buisman

Suus Groeliker

Frank Hannewijk en Ientje Chang

Flory Hartog

Vilma Henkelman

Henk Jan Heuvelink

Marike Jager

Jeroen Koolbergen

Wim Korver

Mariëlle Kreulen

Wim Kuper

Ella Schuller tot Peursum

Dennis Timmer

Ruth Verraes

Welkoop Gendt

Liesbeth Willems

Herman de Wit


A trailer for the short film


Cortos de Rodinia, Valladolid,


Bideodromo, Bilbao, Spain

FIC Hermosillo, Hermosillo,



2013 - 15:00 min


Glass divides the inside world from the outside world. But, is there always a clear distinction between outside and inside? Glass is almost invisible. And if it is visible, it can work like a mirror. You will see another interior from the inside, or another exterior from the outside. Sometimes everything can become so confused that you no longer know whether you’re inside or out.



Anne-May de Lijser

Bart van der Schaaf

Miguel Stigter


Director, script, camera, art direction, editing

Arjan Brentjes



Diederik Rijpstra


Production assistance, styling

Caroline Schuller tot Peursum


Location styling, catering

Studio Ernst


Technical support

Martijn Veldhoen


Audio mix

Andras Fictoor



The 21st Century - (complete short film)

2010  -  3:30 min

June 2012

Filmfest Rejected, Innsbruck, Austria

November 2011

Filmets, Badalona, Spain

October 2011

Simultan, Timisoara, Romania

September 2011

ContraVision, Berlin, Germany

September 2011

Luksuz Film Festival,Krsko, Slovenia

July 2011

Crosstalk, Budapest, Hungary

June 2011

ISFF, Detmold, Germany

June 2011

Mediawave, Budapest, Hungary

February 2011

Director's Lounge, Berlin, Germany

December 2010

Pixxelpoint, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

November 2010

ZwergWERK, Oldenburg, Germany

October 2010

Linoleum, Moscow, Russia

In the style of 1950's propaganda films Dr. De Vries talks to us about present day developments, and the near future of mankind.


Director, script, actor, animation, music, editing

Arjan Brentjes



Klaas Pek


2009 - 24 min


Just outside his studio, in 1950's Amsterdam, comic book artist Arjan Brentjes is kidnapped and transported to present day Belgrade. There he's taken for his own cartoon character Agent de Vries and held responsible for the NATO bombings of 1999.



Arjan Brentjes

Ivo Maassen

Neda Nikolić & others


Director, script, music, art direction, animation, editing

Arjan Brentjes



Igor Bošnjak & others


Technical support

Andras Fictoor


Production Belgrade shootings

Dana Stojković





-September 2011   Donumenta, Regensburg, Germany


-March 2010   Doc. and Short Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia


-September 2009   NamaTREba festival, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Meanwhile in Kaderstan...

2009 - multi channel installation





-Sept-Nov 2009   sound:frame festival, New York, USA


-March-April 2009 sound:frame festival, Vienna, Austria


Mission: to Kaderstan

2008 - 4:00 min


Cast, styling

Arjan Brentjes

Caroline Schuller tot Peursum

Nancy Degger


Director, camera, script, music, art direction, animation, editing

Arjan Brentjes




-December 2010   Pixxelpoint, Nova Gorica, Slovenia


-May 2009   Naoussa International Film festival, Naoussa, Greece


-April-May 2008   Een schim van gisteren, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Aliens! in Kaderstan

2008 - 6:02 min



Ivo Maassen

Arjan Brentjes


Director, script, music, art direction, animation, editing

Arjan Brentjes



Ruth Verraes




-December 2010   Pixxelpoint, Nova Gorica, Slovenia


-December 2008   Alternative Film/Video festival, Belgrade, Serbia


-April-May 2008   Een schim van gisteren, Amsterdam, Netherlands


-Feb-March 2008   Een schim van gisteren, Brummen, Netherlands