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so it goes

So It Goes (2019)


So It Goes

2019 - 1:00 min



In 1940 Truus lives in Rotterdam with her mother Aartje. In 2019, her grandson Arjan wonders what the first sunny days of May 1940 look like for them. He makes a reconstruction and concludes that there’s little he can add to it.



Director’s statement:

This film is a bit outside of my usual creations. It is made with some material that I had lying around for a while, a small piece of family history.

A few years ago I saw photos of a pre-war part of Rotterdam that reminded me of Amsterdam. I then started making a digital reconstruction of what that must have looked like for my grandmother and great-grandmother. Initially I considered making a video installation with this, but the ideas so far were too big to implement.

In the course of 2019 I remembered the recurring sentence, "So it goes" from Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, a book about the bombing of Dresden. I thought that this phrase could be the starting point for a very short film. I can make a more or less realistic reconstruction and look at it in wonder, but I can't add much else about the course of things, the meaning of it, or how the world came across to grandma Truus and her mother Aartje. And I can't ask them anymore. So it goes.




Director, script, animation, music, editing

Arjan Brentjes


Narrated by

Bart van der Schaaf





Also available as Dutch spoken  Zo gaat dat